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Virginia State Police Steps Up for Chesterfield Food Bank Outreach Center!

The Chesterfield Food Bank Outreach Center (CFBOC) is thrilled to express our deepest gratitude to the Virginia State Police for their recent incredible donation of time and talent! Their commitment to serving the community extends far beyond the badge, and their generosity will have a real impact on families in need.

The Virginia State Police donated a whopping 3,493 pounds of food – that's a massive amount that will help to restock our shelves and ensure that those facing hunger have access to essential groceries. But their efforts went even further! They went the extra mile by packaging a staggering 662 bags of dry and canned goods, making it even easier for our volunteers to distribute this critical aid.

This act of kindness is a true testament to the Virginia State Police's dedication to the well-being of the Chesterfield and surrounding community. It's inspiring to see such a commitment to making a positive impact, and we're incredibly grateful for their support.

From the bottom of our hearts, thank you, Virginia State Police!

To learn more about the Chesterfield Food Bank Outreach Center and how you can get involved, visit their website at

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