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Our Programs

CFBOC programs work together to help more our mission to fight hunger and empower lives forward. We have broken our programs down into four main types, food outreach, community outreach, resources, and volunteers. 

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food Outreach

Food on the Move:

This program provides fresh, nutritious food and non-perishables to thousands of clients each week at 7 distribution locations in Chesterfield County, VA, and surrounding communities.

Kid's Summer Food Program:

This program distributes easy-to-prepare meals to children when they are out of school via our mobile food distribution sites.

Senior Food Program: 

This program provides food and support specifically designed for seniors at our headquarters, through our community partners, and through government programs.

Emergency Food Program:

This program distributes food and personal care items to those facing crisis situations at our headquarters and through community partner organizations.

Community Kitchen Program:

This programs provides food to local community organizations who prepare and serve hot meals to those in need (homeless; living in motels; socially isolated; seniors; other low-income individuals).

Pantry Partner Program:

This program provides non-perishable food to help keep local food pantries, run by community partners, fully stocked.



Motel Outreach:

This program provides hot meals, personal care items, prayer, Narcan, and connections to other programs and resources to those living in motels.

Community Outreach: 

This program hosts events in our community including, service days (community clean-ups, maintenance, projects), pop-up events in at-risk communities, and other hands-on opportunities. 

Homeless Outreach:

This program distributes easy-to-prepare food and personal care items at our headquarters, through community partner organizations, and through our mobile shower vans that also provide hot showers, clothes, haircuts, prayer, Narcan, and connections to additional resources. 

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Client Advocate Program:

This program utilizes volunteers, who receive walk-ins,  referrals from our programs, and/or third-party referrals from partners. Client Advocates assist clients through an intake that identifies needs (potentially beyond the presented needs) and relevant resources, in order to advocate for and support clients through their journey. This program helps get people onboarded into drug rehabilitation, work opportunities, governmental services, mental health services, and more. 

Workforce Program:

This program assists clients in preparing for and securing employment through one of our third-party partnerships. 

Food Donation


General Volunteer Program:

This program provides a variety of short- and long-term volunteer opportunities for individuals and groups (e.g., warehouse work, food distributions, driving trucks, special programs, food drives, fundraisers).

Skilled Volunteer Program:

This program provides stable, committed volunteer opportunities that require a varying degree of skill or prerequisites.

Community Service Program:

This program provides opportunities for court-ordered and academic or work required volunteers to complete their service.

Client Plus Program:

This program provides stable, scheduled volunteer opportunities to qualifying clients; those in the Client Plus Program receive the added benefit of collecting their needed groceries outside of public distributions.

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