CFBOC desires to see authentic change and transformation in our community. However, we know that this will only be accomplished through strong partnerships with like-minded organizations and ministries. The work is immense, but the more we work together, the better we can empower those we serve. We provide food for a variety of partners that are impacting our area. Click the "Learn More" button to see the different organizations and ministries we partner with to reach our community.

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Food on the move

Food on the Move covers our food distribution programs. We have distributions on Fridays, Saturdays, Mondays, and our Senior Food Distribution once a month. 


Community Outreach

We want to reach people in their communities. So, we partner with those that do just that; they go into communities offering food and other services while building relationships. 


hot meal program

Our Hot Meal Programs target individuals with limited or no cooking amenities. Our partners distribute and deliver either hot meals or pre-cooked food.


pantry partners

We have the honor of providing food to other pantries. This type of partnership ensures that food is readily available to anyone in need. It also allows our partners to build relationships with those they serve.   


homeless outreach

A lack of shelter is worse when faced with food insecurity. Therefore, our partners use specially selected food to help reach those who are currently unhoused.